Sunday, November 16, 2008

text in context

Thinking about Jenny Holzer made we wonder about the way these two YouTube videos are related

or this

What if the text messages we sent looked more like this? Does the stylization of the text help make the product or idea being sold seem "universal?" How would Holzer or Kruger deconstruct these? What about Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries?

YHC-HI said in an interview, "It's hard to see how literature can be any more endangered than it already has been by book burning, book banning, censorship, blacklists, and so on, all of which happened before the digital age. Not to mention dwindling readership. Philip Roth said somewhere that there are 20,000 serious readers in the U.S. In the same vein, there are very few readers of poetry of any ilk, let alone digital. How digital poetry fares is probably of no consequence to anyone but its writers and their mothers."

What's the difference between concrete poetry and a flash-based text-heavy commercial like one of the two above?

Memphis is a city filled with Concrete Poetry.
We confront it in the sky:
an asterisk at Joe's,

and at Gibsons Donuts

and even at
Happy Day Cleaner

Here's your truism: